Milbert's Voyage to Isle de France


The project is to make an interactive fiction game based on M.J. Milbert's 'Picturesque voyage to Isle de France, Cape of Good Hope and the island of Tenerife'. The traveler's writings from the early nineteenth century during the French colonization of the island of Isle de France (Mauritius) contain vivid descriptions and interesting historical information. The game will allow the user to choose its own adventure but there will also be factual elaborations in the game. The book will be translated from French to English and the game will be developed simultaneously.

View of the Port-Napoleon from Milbert's book (Cropped version from Grosvenor Prints)

Title and codename

Title: Milbert's Voyage to Isle de France
Codename: milbert-idf

Timeline of project

1. Planning (13/9/17)
2. Translation of Preface (25/12/17 - 29/12/17)

Planned features

1. Old photos and maps.
2. Embedding Google Maps.
3. Views of historians.
4. Inventory in game.
5. New photos of the locations for comparisons.
6. Plotting of places and distance covered.


1. Original book
2. English translations
3. How-to guides