Capturing Mauritius' Metro Express


On October 3, 2019, the soft launch of the Metro Express was done. The initial phase of Mauritius' light rail transit system will span from Port Louis to Rose Hill. But discussions for such a project started decades earlier. Its alignment also follows roughly that of the former railways constructed in the 1860s and dismantled in the 1960s.

Photo of the Metro Express in Mauritius (From

Title and codename

Title: Capturing Mauritius' Metro Express
Codename: metro-express


Tracing the contemporary history of the Metro Express obviously necessitates going back to the newspaper archives. But the current project will focus mainly on the online news sources. The first step involved looking for organizing the online sources from using Google. The website of is one of the few in Mauritius which has kept online articles since 2004. The sources have been included in an Excel sheet with relevant metadata.

Next steps

The next steps will be to expand the sources as the current version stops at mid-November 2019, to explore the website using tags to find missed articles and to use other online news sources. The organized information can be used to create a narrative on the history of the Metro Express.


1. Online sources