Play an Interactive Fiction

What is Interactive Fiction?

Interactive fiction is a type of video game. It is text-based and other forms of media such as pictures might be integrated in it. One might also think of it as a type of book but users choose what to do in that book. It is different from traditional books which have a linear narrative. In other words, they choose their own roles and adventures.

Dilo Disiq projects

View of the Port-Napoleon from the Fort-Blanc from Milbert's book (Cropped version from Grosvenor Prints)

The interactive fictions on Dilo Disiq will be based mainly from historical and contemporary information. The narrative will be gamified and there will also be prompts with factual explanations.

How to create one?

The software which will be used to create the interactive fiction games is Twine. There are other software but Twine is free, easy to use and there are adequate online resources to learn it.

Play an Interactive Fiction

1. Milbert's Voyage to Isle de France (13/09/17 to Present)
2. The Mauritian Time Machine (12/03/18 to Present)